October newsletter

How’s it going Friends of Jelly?!

So the last time we spoke it was still the British Summertime and we were all in flip flops and sunhats… a lot has happened since then right?

I took a much-needed vacay to Canada at the start of September, away from all things Jelly. This left Gemma, freshly appointed, with the help of Team Jelly, running the show, which they did excellently. So I’d like to publicly thank her & our magical little team for enabling me to take some time off!
Since then, we’ve now got the shop open 6 days a week! We tried Sundays, which didn’t prove too successful, so we’ve gone with Mondays instead! Our new opening hours are Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5pm.

ECI’s websites have had an incredible overhaul and we’re proud to show you the new Jelly site at: https://jelly.eci.org.uk/ Let us know what you think, we’re adding to it slowly, but surely as we get used to having a swanky new platform to shout from!

AND. It’s our FIRST BIRTHDAY on November 30th! Can you believe it? I can’t! We’ll be holding our party in store on Saturday the 29th November, please join us in celebrating an incredible first year at the shop. Look out for details in store and via our Facebook, Twitter and website.

In the pipeline…

Gemma is working hard on our eBay site, ready to launch next month! We’ll be sure to shout about it when we’re up and running. We hope that having an online side to our business will prove to be a successful added income generator! In the not so distant future we will be looking for a volunteer(s) who will work specifically on the operations side of packaging and posting for us! Get in touch if you’re interested!

Lyddi and Volunteer DeniseTalking of Jelly-teers…

Three cheers for the Jelly-teers!

At the beginning of October my friend Denise, all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA(!) came to volunteer at Jelly for a morning! I met Denise when we were working for the same company over there. Since I returned to the UK and joined project Jelly, Denise has always swore blind that she would one day, come and volunteer in our little shop. And just under a year later she did just that! That’s volunteering gone the extra-mile!!!


Baby equipment is proving very popular in the shop, there is high demand for pre-loved prams to potties. Because of this, we have written some guidelines on ‘Donating Safe Goods’, which outline which things we can and can’t sell in the shop… look out for information in store and online shortly.

That’s it for now my lovelies, it’s been a pleasure as always. Any feedback is always greatly received, we take your comments very seriously. Hit me up Tuesday-Saturday, via email at lydia.ocallaghan@eci.org.uk, call me on 01392 435835 or chew-my-ear-off in store.

Til’ next time Jelly Babies,

~Lyddi @ Jelly Xo